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Essential Oils


  • This exquisite collection of exotic, alluring, and deeply penetrating aroma oils is made with 100% natural ingredients including pure essential oils. Created as luxurious perfumes, each handcrafted scent will scent the body for hours.

Helps to soothe tension and relax the mind. Use one to three times a day for a feeling of relaxation.
Harmony Essence
A delectably delicious hand crafted oil made from a base of 100% natural amber oil, essential oils and extracts. This provocative and luxurious perfume blend has a rich amber color and an intoxicating aroma sure to invoke the senses. This is surely one of the most sensual natural perfumes available.

Coconut Lime Verbena
A Tantalizing Fusion of Fresh Coconut, Juicy Lime, and Sweet Verbena.  Perfect Year Around!

This delicious hand crafted oil is made from a base of 100% natural Amber oil, and Patchouli, Vetiver and Cardamom essential oils. This deeply provocative and sinuous perfume blend has an invigorating aroma and is sure to sooth and uplift the senses. Once applied to the skin, this sensual perfume will linger on the body for hours.

This 100% natural and hand extracted perfume oil from a unique process which uses pure Sandalwood exudes and oils. This fabulously rich Sandalwood perfume has a luxuriant aroma that is sure to arouse the senses. This is not a synthetic fragrance oil, but a true blend of exotic oils from around the world. Warming, grounding, and extraordinarily erotic.

    Looking for our Lavender Essential Oil? Its here.  The pure botanic essence 'neat' for use directly on the skin, in the bath or any where you desire the bliss from your favorite blend.  Available in a 10ml bottle,...

  • Organic Lavandin Essential Oil - French

    100% pure certified organic essential oil.  Distilled lavandula x. intermedia hybrid. One of the most fundamental and versatile essential oils used in aromatherapy lavender calms, refreshes and invigorates. It eases...